We provide fast, economical, efficient, and permanent solutions to raised sidewalks and curbs.
We also provide services for:
  • Paint and stripe removal
  • Trench and trough cutting
  • Resurfacing deflected concrete
  • Crack filling
Why grind the concrete?
  • Time efficient - no need to block off an area, jackhammer the concrete, clean,  repour the concrete, and wait for it to cure.  This traditional method is costly, an inconvenience to your customers, timely, and many times unnecessary.
  • Cost effective - most work can be done for considerably less than the  cost of replacement.
  • Complies with ADA and HUD requirements.
  • Can be done at any time 
  • No reason to remove good concrete.  Many times there is a raised edge due to a tree root or shifting/settling in the sidewalk.  The concrete is good other than the edge.  Grind the edge  to remove the trip hazard by making both surfaces even and save the existing concrete.
  • It just makes sense to save time and money.